When two or three of Baker’s Dozen are gathered together, singing usually results. Just in case anyone stumbles over us and wants to join in, here are some of our favourite songs. Doubtless many more will be added later, as people remind me of all the other songs that I simply cannot miss out.

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen: For some reason that no-one really understands, every singing session has to finish with a rendition of this. The fact that we have never managed to do the “galileo” bits properly has never deterred us.

Cuckoo’s Nest A very naughty song, also a Cotswold Morris dance

Dough, the stuff you buy beer with… Does anyone know who wrote this? Sung to the tune of “Doh, a deer” it is all about beer. Ray never does buy us beer, though.

Father Abraham Done with all the actions. Pubs empty when we do this.

Hail to you Green Jack A song written by one of our dancers. It has an original tune, though it can also be sung to the tune of Ilkley Moor. It’s all about the Green Man, in all his various forms.

House of the Rising Sun Sung to the tune of Ilkley Moor Bah Tat. Or vice versa. We can sing anything to either of these two tunes. While Shepherds Watched usually comes into it, too.

Level Ground Our Priddy song, all about rain and mud, sung to the tune of Shallow Brown.

Teignmouth Our Teignmouth song. It is not about Yarmouth Town.

Little Musgrove In every singing session, Andrew will start singing this. He is usually forcibly shut up after about two lines.

The Maid and the Palmer Learned from a Brass Monkey album, and sung to the tune of Broad Cupid (a Cotswold dance done to the tune of The Maid and the Palmer).

Matty Groves Andrew and I sing this, and the others endure it.

Over the Hills and Far away Sung at the start of our Tommy’s Delight dance

Rochester Recruiting Sergeant Sung to a tune more well known as Waltzing Matilda.

Wild Rover / Banana Boat Song I think this was nicked from some other Morris side at some point. Oh well… That’s the folk tradition for you. “Nay-oh! Nay-ay-ay-o! Never will play the wild rover no more!”


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